infrastructure and necessity

Rincón is a small town, with 15,000 permanent residents. Being a small town, Rincón has the infrastructure of a small town. Our roads are narrow, water and electric services are unstable, and the sanitary services are limited. Many of us ask ourselves “how are they going to provide these services for the mega hotel and casino if they can hardly provide them to residents without this project?”

The question that needs to be answered is… how many people can fit in Rincón? Traffic jams and spiralling costs are a new reality to all residents of Rincón. It has been recently reported in the press that there are 1,200 AirBnB rooms available in our town, without including the local hotels and guest houses that have been around for many years to support the home-grown, surfing-based tourism industry that has grown in Rincón.

Rincón’s tourism industry is small-scale, very vibrant, and a perfect example of sustainable tourism that is needed in Puerto Rico. It is also very successful. Why risk ruining the good thing we have to venture into something that has no guarantee of success?