Salva Rincón! is in need of volunteers for various initiatives that have been started by the organization and by members of the community, and we are always open to new ideas. We’d love to hear from you, but please develop your ideas as fully as you can before writing us… Use the Contact Us functionality in this webpage to initiate the contact with us. 

Below is a list of opportunities for projects that already exist or are being developed. You can select one of them when you write us.

1. Community outreach by manning booths in activities, collecting signatures in petitions, distributing printed materials at public places (Supermarkets, Post Office, Coop) and through the neighborhoods and barrios of Rincón. A sound truck with our jingle will be involved. Click here to listen to our jingle.

2. Community outreach in schools by developing activities for students related to the impact that the mega hotel and casino would have on our town, taking the message to the schools along with materials for the activities, distribute printed materials. The intention is to take the message to students’ homes, family, and friends.